About carbonate Beauty




What is a carbonated spring?

As the name implies, carbonated springs are hot springs with carbonic acid mixed into them, and hot springs with spring quality carbonated water (carbon dioxide springs) are not common in Japan. "SENGAKUKAN Hot Springs" in Osaka, Gero City, Gifu Prefecture, is one of Japan's natural carbonated hot springs. The carbon dioxide gas contained in the carbonated springs penetrates the skin into the capillaries to create healthy and beautiful skin through a variety of effects.

Beautiful skin through carbon dioxide

Expanding blood vessels and improving blood flow naturally has a good effect on the skin, and "beautiful skin through carbon dioxide" has become a buzzword in recent years.

Carbon dioxide for your hair and scalp as well

Naturally "carbonated springs" which have good effects on the skin are also good for the scalp. The vasodilation and improved blood circulation caused by carbon dioxide gas promote the activation of hair matrix cells, so new hair restoration and new hair growth can be expected.

Natural carbonated hot springs water

Because we want more people to learn about the effects of carbonated springs, we used natural hot springs water from the natural carbonated springs of "SENGAKUKAN" in Osaka, Gero City, Gifu Prefecture in several of our products.