Beautiful skin through carbon dioxide

Carbonated springs are hot springs with carbon dioxide mixed into them, and the carbon dioxide gas contained in the carbonated springs penetrates the skin into the capillaries to create healthy and beautiful skin through a variety of effects.

Expanding blood vessels and improving blood flow naturally has a good effect on the skin, and “beautiful skin through carbon dioxide” has become a buzzword in recent years.
The carbon dioxide gas contained in carbonated spring water penetrates the skin into the capillaries causing the blood vessels to dilate. The Bohr Effect which is caused by carbon dioxide gas also supplies lots of oxygen to skin cells, vitalizing the cells and creating healthy and beautiful skin.

And because the pH levels of carbonated springs are around 4.5-5.0, which is slightly acidic, in recent years it has been reported that the astringent effect causes tightening and leads to improvements in skin spots, etc.

Carbon dioxide for your hair and scalp as well

Naturally “carbonated springs” which have good effects on the skin are also good for the scalp.
The vasodilation and improved blood circulation caused by carbon dioxide gas promote the activation of hair matrix cells, so new hair restoration and new hair growth can be expected.
Carbon dioxide gas is also effective at removing dirt like old keratin on the scalp, sweat and sebum, and silicon and wax that were not completely removed by shampoo, so the fact that the hair tonic can properly permeate is also an important point.

It also returns hair which has been made alkaline by coloring and perms to a slightly acidic state, which is why there have also been reports of prevention of hair pain, removal of odors, and increased life of coloring and perms. The astringent effect causes cuticles to tighten, and those who have experienced it share the opinion that it improves tone, gloss, and body.
And more than anything, carbon dioxide gas is a natural substance containing no medicine.

Using natural carbonated hot springs water

Carbonated springs, which have been recognized in the medical field, have quickly expanded into nursing and welfare, sports gyms, the beauty field such as esthetic salons and hair salons, and bath houses and health spas in recent years.

Because we want more people to learn about the effects of carbonated springs, we included natural hot springs water from Osaka, Gero City, Gifu Prefecture in several of our products.

フォーマット The carbon dioxide gas contained carbonated springs is brought into the capillaries through the skin and is said to be able to build healthy skin.
And the carbonated hot springs water of “SENGAKUKAN” has no particular odor or color, in fact being water so pure that you could drink it, filled with abundant carbon dioxide gas. This is why we have included it in our products.

[Natural carbonated hot springs-containing Products List]
・Soda spa foam
・Champagne mist
・Sparkling scalp DR
・Soda spa foam premium10000

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フォーマット Carbonated springs are “a drinkable spring source”. From ancient times, it has demonstrated its effectiveness in treating gastrointestinal disorders and nerve pain, so much that it was said, “Carbonated springs more than stomach”.
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